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We have over 6 years of combined experience of produce, directing, graphic design, photography, videography, social media marketing, and many more.










Get more for your brand from LIEVE. Our marketing services help grow your brand in real-time across the globe where ever your business is present. With us, you can explore different needs of the market. Our services provide brand engagement; while our professionals discover different aspects and help you understand what is next.

We Increase Your Brand Value

We have helped multiple brands in reaching their goal your brand could be next. Try your luck with us. We can multiply your Returns on investments; also, the impact we create for your brand has a lasting impact on the mind of the target audience. Here are some examples of the companies, which will help you in clearing your doubts about LIEVE.

Niches that we have helped!

This specific industry came to LIEVE for the promotion of their services. They wanted us to promote their beauty enhancing special services. Our experts knew that this brand would be perfect for content amplification. To create awareness for their brand, our professionals used their skills effectually. We got the product of them in front of the right audience and provided the brand with connectivity. After the first month of working together, we heard news from the market that our services are better than the services of other agencies.

Our hard work paid off with high ROAS and low CPA for these businesses. Also, we supported our client with seasonal initiates, PR amplification, social programs, and new ideas. We did this tremendous job with the help of video marketing. Over time, the experts at LIEVE optimized the buying for their product and drove the CPA down to just a few dollars.

With the support of our professionals, they sustained its massive growth and success for their exceptional services. They are one of the longest running customers of LIEVE; also, this brand is incessantly testing new approaches with the help of our team, and, also increasing their budget each day. On the top of this, with the help of LIEVE, they witnessed a significant increase in their conversion rate and ROI.

Have a look at our work! The above graph clearly shows our hard work and your success.

We feel something oddly satisfying by building a brand image of the company from scratch, and this normally happens when the brand is new and competitive. They approached us because they wanted LIEVE to market their brand on social media. We helped them in making their brand famous among the targeted audience.

It is a rare accomplishment in the local food industry. After that, we began imagining thousands of possibilities on how to capture the attention of a niche market. Our task was to maximize the communicating-ability of the brand. We provide them with our social media marketing service. Besides, we reveal the specialty of their product bit by bit in the market to appeal to people. Our strategy created curiosity among the target audience. With the help of our photography, we continuously teased the appetite for excitement.

On the top of this, our content writers generate content that captures the essence of the brand. Our team of experts began to get the word out and create an echoing buzz about all the excitement happening at the best bakery in town. Soon, the customers began piling in; also, they were eager to try a wide variety that their business was offering to the customers.

It is fair enough to say that we provide our clients with uncommon solutions. These are not just services that we offer to our clients, as a media marketing experts, we generate solutions that drive change and deliver real business impact. We together with them find solutions that worked best for their business.

By selecting us as their partner, these businesses took a brave decision. They hand over their control of marketing to its fan. With our services, we inspired the young generation. They wanted their products as their communicator for the brand, in which our team of professionals helped them.

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. For us, the business of our clients comes first. When we work with our clients, we consider us as a team, so we are serious when we say that your success is also ours.

We provide companies with a completely unique way of advertising. We made an ad with songs when the customers click on the ad the unlocking of their image appears as a backdrop. Also, through our hard work, we motivated the customers to share their experiences digitally. As a result of this, businesses started gaining awareness among its potential customers. We wanted to create its original and cool image in the market. For which they approached us, we have a passionate team, which can help brands in blowing away the expectations of the customer. Delight and surprise is part of our work.

This is the reason that we were willing to resolve the marketing problem. We helped owners by keeping them updated with different advertising styles. We designed their advertising campaign in a manner that it gave the audience feel of authentic expressions of individuals. We made their brand as a communicator in the most inspiring manner.

In the advertising campaign, we used a new and innovative technique for advertising, in which we provided consumers the chance to experience the essence of the brand. Besides, this thought was more impactful. The beauty of this technique was that the campaign was run by the audience themselves. On the top of this, businesses was getting familiarity speedily than other regular advertising campaigns. Our hard work paid off as we significantly reduced the bounce rate. This helped them in increasing the growth of their business and ultimately their sales were also multiplied. This campaign not only helped in increasing their sales but, customer emergent was also augmented. Click through rates on audience-created digital ads were higher than the display ads. Here is the proof what we did!

This specific business niche approached us, as they wanted us to boost visibility on social media. Our experienced leaders blend their expertise and unique skills to enrich our services were the reason why they chose us. We have diverse thinking, working styles, and backgrounds that benefit brands in countless ways. The challenge we encountered during these advertisement was that we as a company could not afford to make any error as they were already facing a dent.

Apart from this, they had a razor-thin profit margin. In other words, every time they invested into marketing should have a strong likelihood of producing a return. There was not much to waste. Our experts started off by examining a variety of distinct ad, placements, and targeting segments, This assisted our experts in finding a few new combinations that delivered the most visibility for this specific industry. In this way, we established a fan base, and after that, we started our mission for increasing engagement rates of posts. We drove thousands of customers from our single campaign. LIEVE also multiplied Facebook reach within six months and monetized new fans.

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